The opulence of the public rooms show clearly why Deller’s was the place to be. The photos, showing views of both 48/49 High Street as well as the main Café site in Bedford Street,  demonstrate a catering business that had, for its time, much of the most modern equipment and the capability of serving meals on a large scale. Four hundred for a banquet was a challenge they often rose to.

Bakers at work

One of the stores

Cake making

Basement servery

Cake Making Department

China and Linen store

Electric Coffee grinder

Electric Coffee Roaster

First Floor Servery

Ground Floor Servery

Ground Floor Servery

View of Kitchen

General view of kitchen

Main kitchen

Pneumatic tube machine

Silver store including bells on the third shelf from the top as featured on the Home Page

Combined electric vegetable slicer, meat mincer, etc

Wet steam ovens

Basement servery

Corner of boiler house

Electric accelerator in boiler house

Boiler feed pump

Set of Electric lift controls (four in all)

View of basement from the ground floor

Basement restaurant

Cafe rooms at 48/49 High Street

Café rooms

The Bedford Room 1926 at Deller’s main Cafe

Corner of First Floor Restaurant at Deller’s Bedford Street


Corner of Ground Floor at Deller’s Bedford Street

Rest Room,with easy chairs, magazines and writing materials at Deller’s High Street Café.

A popular postcard image of the time

A drawing of the grand main entrance

Basement and Ground floor restaurant rooms at Deller’s Bedford Street

.Public rest lounge at Deller’s Café, Exeter.

Deller’s Café in Cathedral Yard next to The Clarence Hotel.  Opened 1906 and closed 1916.

Exterior of Deller’s Café in Torbay Road, Paignton.

Deller’s cake shop and confectionery department at 48-49 High Street, opened in 1923.

Refrigerated counter in the cooked meat department at Deller’s of 48 – 49 High Street