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This is a simply wonderful new website on the famous Deller’s café. I’ve seen other, more modest accounts of Deller’s on various websites, but this new history is on a whole new level. It brings Deller’s to life with numerous letters and pictures. Well done.

FH   May 2017

Absolutely fantastic site. I found my mother in-laws signature when working there in the Serveries, in the 1930’s. Nee Irene Bond (verified by my wife), when married her name was Irene Ragalsky.

SF     May 2017

Hello I have spotted an old picture posted on Exeter memories of Deller’s Cafe in cathedral yard. I looked through your website on Sunday. My Gran always talked about this place and how grand it was. So lovely to see the pictures. I wonder if there are people still alive who used to work there who could give you their stories.
I took a screenshot of the posted picture but I’ll add a comment to the post so she could contact you with it.

P     May 2017

I’ve just found this website and was amazed to find my father’s signature on p4 of the 200 regulars signatures. Do you know over what dates these span? [We believe the book was created and signed in 1937).
He had a local band, The Steve Jackson Dance Band, who may even have played at Dellers in the war. I believe he met my mother when she was a waitress there. What a great, informative site this is. Thank you for creating it.

Mr P.S.    May 2017

What an interesting site. Dellers was an Exeter legend. Sadly, I didn’t see it, as I was born after WW2, but the information you have gathered here gives a fascinating glimpse in to the past of this very popular institution, with photos I have not seen before. Thank you.

Mrs G C    May 2017


Acknowledgement to the Express and Echo for use of their clippings and images.